Commercial Videography – Lincolnshire Resin Drives

At DB Visuals, we pride ourselves on creating captivating online videos that tell powerful stories. Our latest project for Lincolnshire Resin Drives, exemplifies the artistry behind construction videography. Over a four-day period, we captured every stage of the transformation of a new resin bound driveway in Gedney, near Spalding.

Day 1

The first day was capturing the removal of the old driveway surface. Our team meticulously planned each shot, ensuring that every angle was captured to create a compelling narrative. The challenges of manoeuvring equipment, people and materials whilst maintaining a seamless filming process highlighted the professionalism on both sides.

Day 2

Our videographers demonstrated their commitment as they captured the process of levelling the new foundation and carefully laying the borders. Through creative shots, aerial footage and expert storytelling, we showcased the craftsmanship that goes into such intricate work.

Day 3

On the third day, we witnessed the team laying a smooth layer of tarmac. The mixture of machinery work and skilled labor was captured on film, reflecting the time and effort required to execute this essential step, sending up the drone to capture footage before, during and after.

Day 4

The grand finale was the culmination of the team’s collective efforts. All team members on hand laying the resin drive swiftly and efficiently. With our videographer down with them to capture each aspect at the same time. The time was then taken to conduct one last drone flight and apply the finishing touches, surrounding tape and a few snapshots later, we were done.

Our project with Lincolnshire Resin Drives was a great experience that exemplifies the importance of construction videography for business to showcase their work. At DB Visuals, we take great pride in weaving together the process of construction projects on film and creating engaging online videos that resonate with potential customers. 

If you’re looking for commercial videography that highlights your construction ventures, Contact DB Visuals today.