Grants4Growth: A Catalyst for Local Business Growth

With most of our clients being in South Lincolnshire, we’ve seen Grants4Growth make a positive impact on nearby ventures. That’s why we’ve decided to be a part of spreading the word, to support our local businesses and our local economy. If you’re looking to take your business up a notch, this could be the boost you’ve been waiting for.

The mission of this initiative is to invigorate economies across East Lindsey, Boston, and South Holland, fostering diversification, productivity gains, and the creation of sustainable, high-value employment opportunities within the South East Lincolnshire region.

Guided by astute business advisers, the program offers custom-tailored solutions to propel growth. These experts are well-versed in diverse business domains, collaborating closely with entrepreneurs and unearthing opportunities. With a suite of resources, funding avenues, training, and networking prospects, the initiative nurtures business success beyond expectations.

Past beneficiaries stand testament to the efficacy of the program. If intrigued, explore the horizon of possibilities and align your aspirations with this transformative initiative.

In tandem with the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, which invests £2.6 billion over 2 years to uplift local economies, Grants4Growth harmonises with the government’s Levelling Up agenda, bolstering local businesses and communities.

While resources are finite, the scope for support includes machinery, equipment purchasing, software packages, website development, and marketing.

Eligibility for Grants4Growth support entails trading for at least 12 months within the South and East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership area, employing under 250 individuals, and boasting a turnover below £44 million. The program embraces micro-businesses, larger enterprises, and various industries.

Grants4Growth offers three grant types, tailored to different growth ambitions:

  1. Capital Grant Fund – £1,000 to £24,999 (up to £50,000 in exceptional cases)
  2. Revenue Grant Fund – £1,000 to £24,999 (up to £50,000 in exceptional cases)
  3. Micro Business Grant Fund – £500 to £2,500

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