Construction Videography – JC Groundworks

We have recently teamed up local experts in home improvement, JC Groundworks, to capture the a complete patio renovation for a Lincolnshire homeowner.

A Construction Video Opportunity

Initial works were started off with a thorough excavation by the JC Groundworks crew, we witnessed the clearing of the canvas, drainage trenches being dug and pipes laid, and the eventual levelling of the area. Then, they began laying the porcelain patio tiles. We were on site once a week, every week for a month to catch the progress and the amazing transformation JC Groundworks brings to the table.

Planning and Capturing Video

Across the four weeks, we used a mixture of ground level camera techniques and aerial drone capture to ensure we could witness every detail of the transformation from all angles.

The result is a visually stunning video that not only documented the construction journey but also highlights the quality of work from the team at JC Groundworks. You can witness the patio transformation yourself by watching the video below.


This is one of many Lincolnshire construction videography projects from DB Visuals, but certainly one we are very proud to have been a part of. The video produced is a testament to the hard work of JC Groundworks, added with the skills in commercial videography from our very own team.

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